external image 20110815-bgxw-6kb.jpg
If you are interested in a 3 min. introduction of the presentation,
"Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online", you can download or view it by clicking here.
If you like what you hear and see in this introduction and would like the whole presentation,
why not contact me and set up a presentation for your club.
Remember, there is no charge to you or your club for my services.

3-13-2014 Platina Computer Club – Boynton Beach FL
external image 1394819168842-74476.png

**Click here to view all the pictures taken at last nights presentation.**

2-22-2014 Remote Presentation
APCUG 2014 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC10)

external image 1393164308813-41962.png

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a remote presentation for 68 members from all around the country.

Gmail–Who is using it ?

external image 1391045602038-61271.png


Making sure that your Gmail account is accessed ONLY by YOU!

Jan 28 is Data Privacy Day!
Jan 28 is Data Privacy Day at AVAST
external image 1390914040086-69759.png
Privacy is the set of blinds on your living room window. Security is the lock we have on our front door
You need to learn when to keep those blinds closed to prevent intrusion into your privacy.
You also need to realize that Security doesn’t have to be expensive. If you use avast!, it can be totally Free.

Merry Christmas – Happy 2014
external image Christmas%202013.png

12-19-2013 Valencia Lakes Computer User Group Boynton Beach Fl
external image 1387528772600-22895.png

Please click the picture to see all of the photos.

12-16-2013 Valencia Falls Computer and Technology Club
external image 1387295320033-32445.png

(Click on the Picture to view all of the pictures.)

To learn more about this very active club, check out their website:


12-7-2013 through 12-15-2013 FACUG’s 4th Technology Conference@Sea
external image 1387146047917-6335.png

This conference gave me an opportunity to interact with 225 Members and

Guests of both **FACUG** and **APCUG** member clubs.

Because I enjoy interacting with people, I was also able to spread the word about

the benefits of using avast! to many of those aboard the Independence of the Seas.

12-06-2013 Deerfield Beach Computer Club - Deerfield Beach Fl
external image 1386352145200-32024.png


As you can tell from the pictures, quite a few Members and Guests of

the **Deerfield Computer Club** attended this mornings presentation.

Almost as much as much time was spent on the extended Q&A session

as was required for the presentation. This is one of the member clubs of the

**FACUG** that prides itself on helping the club members through education and

actual hand on help when a members has a computer problem.
12-5-2013 Century Village Computer Club - West Palm Beach, FL
external image 1386281424383-36575.png


This afternoon's presentation was viewed by 43 Members and Guests of the club in Warn, Sunny Fl.

The little shower that we had shortly before the presentation cleared the air but also increased the humidity.

11-25-2013 November in Arizona Recap
Over the last 3 weeks, I've seen over 800 club member in various Computer Clubs

throughout the Phoenix area. I traveled as far north as Prescott, AZ and as far south as Tucson, AZ.

external image 1385420190423-77416.png
December will find me in Florida. More details to follow.

December will find me in Florida. More details to follow.

11-21-2013 Happy Trails Computer Club Surprise AZ
external image 1385079126789-41050.png


57 Members and guests of the Happy Trails Computer Club attended

this afternoons presentation. It was followed by an extensive Q&A session.

The hope is that many of the guests will become members. This presentation

was open to everyone.

11-21-2013 Sunflower Computer Club Surprise AZ
external image 1385077545689-21884.png
52 members and guests of the **Sunflower Computer Club** in
Surprise AZ attended this mornings lively presentation.
The coffee and cake was greatly appreciated.

11-20-2013 Phoenix PC Users Group Tempe AZ
external image 1385035824543-24720.png


7 Members of the Phoenix PC Users Group in Tempe AZ

attended last nights presentation. This Group is different than most

since they are all professionals not novice computer users. The

presentation was followed by an intensive Q&A session.

11-20-2013 Fountain of the Sun Mesa AZ
external image 1384991170789-46252.png
37 Members and guests of the Fountain of the Sun in Mesa AZ
attended this afternoon's presentation. An extensive Q&A session followed
the presentation.

11-20-2013 Rock Camp Computer Club Apache Junction AZ
external image 1384989026670-31247.png


26 Members and Guests of the Rock Camp Computer Club

attended this mornings presentation.

11-18-2013 Tucson Computer Society Tucson AZ
external image 1384874866721-73783.png
34 Members and Guests attended the presentation
for the **Tucson Computer Society** last night.
This was another gathering where the club had many questions
for me on various topics and I was happy to have answers for them.

11-18-2013 Leisure World Computer Club Mesa AZ
external image 1384796835106-6544.png


47 Members and Guests of the Leisure World Computer Club in Mesa AZ

attended this mornings presentation. It was followed by a Q&A session

which answered most of the questions asked.

The question I couldn't answer pertained to a program for an android device

that would do the same thing that PC Decrapifier does for a Windows computer.

11-16-2013 Prescott Computer Society – Prescott AZ
external image 1384651408158-68227.png


74 Members and guests of the **Prescott Computer Society** in Prescott AZ attended today's club celebration and my presentation.

Today's club meeting also celebrated the clubs 25th Anniversary something they

have in common with **Avast which also celebrates it's Silver Anniversary this year**.

The Q&A session that followed the presentation covered many topic ranging from

security related questions to question about installing avast! and general computer related questions.

11-15-2013 Four Parks Senior Computer Club Florence AZ
external image 1384556818473-22805.png


10 Members attended this afternoons Presentation at the

**Four Parks Senior Computer Club** in Florence AZ.

The expected sandstorm may have had anything to do with the small turnout.

The presentation was followed by quite a few questions and, I was able to repair

someone's failed avast! installation.

(avast! forum support done in person.)

11-14-2013 Mesa Regal Computer Club Mesa AZ
external image 1384457998293-70919.png


47 Members and Guests of the **Mesa Regal Computer Club** attended this afternoons presentation.

This presentation was a mix of information for both New Computer Users

and current security related information. It also covered how to Protect Yourself,

Your Computer and, Your Identity by using avast! 2014 Free and other safety related tips.

11/13/2013 Summary of Today's Presentations
external image 1384439394881-56460.png


21 Members of the **View Point Computer Club** in Mesa AZ

attended yesterdays presentation. This presentation started at 1 PM
The evening presentation began at 7 PM in Chandler AZ
external image 1384440331925-21783.png


62 Members and Guests of the **Solera Computer Club** in Chandler AZ

11/12/2013 Sun Village Computer Club Surprise, AZ
external image 1384289368972-33832.png


20 smiling faces from the Sun Village Computer Club Surprise, AZ

greeted me this morning. The presentation was followed by a Q&A Sessions.

11-11-2013 Silvercom Computer Club Mesa, AZ
external image 1384210091966-56672.png


37 Members and Guests of the **Silvercom Computer Club**

attended this mornings presentation.

Good Bye NY
After 3 weeks on the road, it's good to be back home.
Here are some shots I took as the plane departed from NY.

external image th_IMG_3195.jpg
(Click on Image to see the Slide Show)

This is where we held last nights seminar:

external image m_20110813-b3pg-102kb.jpg

external image m_20110813-ozig-49kb.jpg

There where 33 members of the Computer Club of Ocean County in Toms River NJ in attendence.
If you weren't there, you missed a very interesting seminar.

external image m_20110813-bmqq-75kb.jpg

external image m_20110811-zxv9-23kb.jpg

Tonight (8/11/2011) I'll be at the Mid-Hudson Computer Users Group
in Poughkeepsie NY. The presentation starts at 7:00 PM.
The meeting place is held at at The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center.
If you're in the area, why not stop in.

Here's what's next on my agenda:

external image m_20110807-qjd8-96kb.jpg

(I didn't write this promo.)
__The Palisades Mall__ is located at:
1000 Palisades Center Drive West Nyack, NY
Hope to see some of you there.

The next presentation will be help at the __Brentwood Public Library in Brentwood L.I. NY__
for the ICON PC User Group at 7:00 PM.
For me this is like a homecoming trip since all four of my girls are graduates of the Brentwood Public School System.

external image m_20110804-6xpm-32kb.jpg

Getting ready for the seminar at the Danbury Hospital Auditorium for the DACS
35 members where in attendance once we got started at 8:00 PM on 8/2/2011

external image m_20110803-7ff3-46kb.jpg

I took the following picture this morning while on my way to my friends house where I'll spend the rest of my time while
doing the scheduled seminars in New York and New Jersey.

external image m_20110803-gpv9-28kb.jpg
external image modify_inline.gif

AVAST Software is offering seminars on internet do's and don’ts, which include a description of computer threats and IT/online security.

"Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online"

The next DACS general meeting on 8/2/2011, will feature a security seminar aimed at an audience of primarily home computer users. This presentation clearly explains security myths, Internet dos and don'ts, the evolution of computer threats, and more. Join presenter Bob Gostischa as he simplifies, clarifies, and demystifies your computer, making your Internet experience a safe one, and explains why even AARP recommends avast! Antivirus software.
The new version 6.0 includes improved virus and spyware detection. It gives you strong protection against identity theft as well as viruses. It also offers additional benefits, such as:
  • Continuous protection against viruses and spyware
  • Ensures all mails sent and received are clean
  • Keeps you protected from "chat" infections
  • Stops attacks from hijacked websites
  • Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or run unknown applications
  • Safe and uninterrupted gaming
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • New user interface
Norbert "Bob" Gostischa, after a successful career in banking, enjoys his retirement as an enthusiastic IT security expert, most notably for AVAST Software, the creator of avast! Antivirus software. The avast! Website has a discussion and help forum. AVAST has been making security software for over 20 years and has more than 130 million users worldwide. You can learn more about Bob on Facebook or on Twitter, or on LinkedIn, or Myspace.
This is the final episode in our series on security.
DACS meetings are held at the Danbury Hospital auditorium. (Click here for directions.) Activities begin at 6:30 p.m. with registration and casual networking. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. with a question and answer period (Ask DACS), followed by announcements and a short break. The featured evening presentation begins at 8:00. The meeting is scheduled to adjourn at 9:30 p.m.
Hope to see many of you there.
(Thanks to David Green of DADC for this nice write up. ).

external image m_20110727-oymq-91kb.jpg

external image m_20110727-avyp-107kb.jpg

35 members of the __Connecticut PC Users Group__ attended last night Security Seminar which was held at the __Silver Star Diner__.
It was an excellent meeting with an interested crowd. If I had only known that Pizza followed the meeting,
I wouldn't have rushed to have a bite to eat before the meeting.

Coffee, (Decaff) conversation, and, questions and answers after the meeting still made for a very interesting evening.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7/28/2011 at the **__TPCUG__** at 7:00 PM
Will you be there

This will be home for a little more than a week.
The last picture is a view out of the window from my room.
I'll have to explore the vegetable garden a little closer.

external image m_20110726-q9kz-136kb.jpg

In the morning I'm leaving for Norwalk Connecticut as the start for some presentations to the members of APCUG Region 1 Clubs.

**__The Danbury Area Computer Society__** is one of those Clubs. Their announcement of my Aug 2, 2011 appearance
pretty well spells out the mission of my seminars.
Hope some of you are able to attend.

external image m_20110721-e09e-78kb.jpg

37 Members of the **__Columbus Computer Society__** (CCS)attended last nights presentation. This time I didn't have any weather issues and was invited after the seminar for supper.

Here are a few pictures of where this presentation was held:

external image m_20110721-bclj-64kb.jpg
external image m_20110721-mhex-160kb.jpg

The building is the **__OCLC__** also known as the Library of the World in Dublin OH.

external image m_20110719-updq-136kb.jpg

Last nights presentation had a fairly sparse attendance with only 19 members of the
**__Canton Alliance Massillon Users Group__** in attendance.
I had mother nature to contend with last night and I think she won.

About 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the seminar, the sky opened up,
lightning started to flash at very short intervals and the thunder seemed to come faster
than the lightning.
The members in attendance apologized for the sparse attendance but told me that they would
pass the information on to the rest of the members and, we should be getting quite a few new
avast! converts.

external image m_20110715-alzp-111kb.jpg

29 members of the **__NASAC__** in Xenia OH learning more about “Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online” last night.
It was a very lively meeting with many questions by a very interested audience.

external image m_20110713-s8kl-104kb.jpg

Happy to have made it to the hotel.
If you look real close, you might even notice that I'm already logged onto the forum.

It's now 1 PM and time to get something to eat.

Re: South West Computer Conference and Other Presentations for Avast
« Reply #21 on: July 11, 2011, 12:19:23 PM »
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external image 7050_81_b.jpg

I'll be leaving for Ohio on Wed and will be there for3 a little over one week.
I have 4 presentations scheduled including one at the
APCUG Annual Computer Conference held at the Crown Plaza Cleveland South 5300 Rockside Rd Independence, Ohio 44131
The conference runs from 7/15/2011 through 7/17/2011
Hope some of you can attend.

Quote from: bob3160 on June 10, 2011, 06:30:16 AMBusy, Busy, BusyNext on the agenda is **__Dallas, Texas__**
I'll be at the **__NTPCUG__**

"IT Professional -Special Presentation - 9:30
Internet security will be demystified, in non-technical terms, by Bob Gostischa,
a volunteer presenter on behalf of Avast (the publisher of popular security software"

Will I see any of you there

47 very appreciative computer users where in attendance this morning.
I was there for about 1 3/4 hours for the presentation and lots of questions.
I had more avast users in this audience than I usually have which is a good sign.

Thank You Jason for your nice interview.


June 3 - 5, 2011

Next on the agenda is **__Dallas, Texas__**
I'll be at the **__NTPCUG__**
"IT Professional -Special Presentation - 9:30
Internet security will be demystified, in non-technical terms, by Bob Gostischa,
a volunteer presenter on behalf of Avast (the publisher of popular security software"
Will I see any of you there

San Diego Tour Part 1
external image th_IMG_2688.jpg
(Click image for a slideshow)
San Diego Tour Part 2
external image th_IMG_2788.jpg
(Click image for a slideshow)

Avast at the Southwest Computer Conference
San Diego, California
external image th_IMG_2644.jpg
(Click on the picture to view a slideshow)

For those of you planning to attend the
**__18th Annual Southwest Computer Conference__**
Be sure to stop by the AVAST BOOTH
Alice and I will both be manning the booth and would love to see some forum members there.
If you come early enough, you'll even receive one of the following:

external image 15879.png

It's a rare avast! be Free installation disc. Supplies are limited!

"Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online"

These seminars are aimed at various associations, hobby groups and clubs whose members are primarily home computer users.
These seminars are absolutely free and directed at the non-tech computer user.
Bob Gostischa who is a volunteer-evangelist from the avast! Support Forum is available to do an in person presentation at no charge to you or your club.
If you are a member in such a group and you would like me to provide your group with a personal presentation or if you have friends who would be interested
in such a seminar and you want to give me permission to contact him/her, please contact me.
More details can be found here

external image IMG_2364.jpg

5/16/2013 **Space Coast PC Users Group**

Central Brevard Library and Reference Center,

308 Forrest Avenue, Cocoa, Florida

external image 1368798217173-81249.png


5-19-2013 **Central Florida Computer Society**, Winter Park Fl.

external image 1369008344662-37173.png

Approximately 45 Club members and guests attended today's

Presentation. This club is made up of a mix of both knowledgeable

and novice computer users. Quite a few questions were asked during

the presentation and some of them were asked at the dinner quite a few

of us shared after the meeting.

external image 1369009989338-4072.png

external image 1369135753695-48414.png

Hernando County Computer Club

5-21-2013 Palm Isles Computer Club–Boynton Beach FL.

external image 1369169493567-73423.png
Click Image to view all the photos.

5-23-2013 Lake-Sumter Computer Society Leesburg FL

external image 1369340536130-92027.png

Click image to see all the photos
You can find out more about the club on their website: http://www.lscs.us/

6-4-2013 The PC Rams Computer Club – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

external image 1370398022689-86823.png
Full size pictures available at:

6-5-2013 Sarasota PC Users Group - Sarasota, FL

external image 1370485571750-48704.png

Click Here to access All the Full Size Pictures.

6-12-2013 Stanford Palo Alto User Group–Palo Alto CA

Last night's presentation for the Stanford Palo Alto Users Group in Palo Alto CA,
was viewed by 35 of it's members. The presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A Session
that covered many topics.

external image 1371122346186-10646.png
Click Image to view all of the pictures

6-13-2013 Long Beach Computer Club – Long Beach CA

Getting ready for the 6/13/2013 Presentation for the Long Beach Computer Club.
external image 1371244501833-75637.png
It's a fairly small club and 17 of of the club members attended the presentation
held at the Red Cross Building in Long Beach CA.

6-18-2013 TUGNET Granada Hills CA

external image 1371647055793-65588.png

Click Image to view all pictures.

external image 1371647287632-77982.png


6-22-2013 A Visit To The Kellogg House – Pomona CA

external image 1371844996414-28338.png

Click Image to view all the pictures.

I even spotted a few older smartphone models:

external image sm--pJ2ewKBg8OyPu8VF1AmnB5_Hi9tr521GWu2t1Uo=w264-h197-p-noexternal image mBc1ULevtMQ3nUOw_Hn03FnWFueCpYwT64h-lZCcCao=w263-h197-p-no

6-21 Through 6-23-2013 Southwest Technology & Computer Conference

external image 1372102382280-12597.png

Please Click Image to view all the photos.
Southwest Technology & Computer Conference

6-26-2013 Ocean Hills Computer Club – Oceanside CA

external image 1372334348225-78096.png
Please click Image to view all the pictures.

6-26-2013 California AITP Garden Grove CA

external image 1372337392459-23629.png

Please click Image to view all the pictures.

6/27/2013 Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club Thousand Oaks CA

external image 1372451504652-22129.png
There was another nice crowd on hand for yesterdays presentation for the members and guests of the
**Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club** which was held at the **Goebel Senior Center** 1385 E Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA

7-1-2013 Greater South Bay Users Group – Torrance CA

external image 1372778464423-58280.png

Please click image to view all the pictures.

September 2013 OHIO APCUG Tech Conference

If you live in Ohio, You'll find me at the APCUG Ohio Tech Conference 2013 In September

external image 1372858568923-11596.png

https://vimeo.com/69286770 Hope to see you there

7-3-2013 Under The Computer Hood Users Group - San Diego CA

7-3-2013 **Under The Computer Hood Users Group** - San Diego CA

external image 1372915083898-35005.png

(Click the image to see the full size pictures)

Alice and I will be at one of the members home tomorrow evening to watch the
Fourth of July fireworks here in San Diego

7-6-2013 Temecula Valley Computer Club - Temecula CA

**7-6-2013 Temecula Valley Computer Club** - Temecula CA
external image 1373150187066-74547.png
Please Click Image to view all the pictures
Temecula Valley Computer Club - Temecula CA

7-7-2013 North Orange County Computer Club Orange CA

7-7-2013 North Orange County Computer Club Orange CA
They meet at Chapman University
external image 1373246658228-84917.png

Please click the picture to view all the pictures taken before and during the presentation.

7-9-2013 Los Angeles Computer Society Westchester CA

42 members of the LA Computer Society attended last nights presentation.
external image 1373467946782-68547.png

(Please click image to View all the pictures.)

There was a great interest in the Avast Free for EDU program.

We had a refreshment break after the presentation which was then followed by

a fairly extensive Q&A session.

If you live in the area, this is an excellent club to join.

7/10/2013 Glendora Senior Computer Club Glendora CAexternal image 1373501755190-89605.png

Please click Image to view all the pictures.
Glendora Senior Computer ClubCheck them out

7-10-2013 SCV Computer Club Newhall CA

external image 1373550606591-45738.png 7-10-2013 **Santa Clarita Valley Computer Club** Newhall CA

external image 1373552358231-26096.png

(Please Click on the picture to view all the pictures.)

7-11-2013 Community Computer Club of La Verne - La Verne CA

external image 1373631692767-2486.png

(Please click the Image to view all of the pictures.)
The Community Computer Club of La Verne is a small Club dedicated to helping those
interested in learning more about technology.

8-12-2013 Southern Tier Personal Computing Club

external image 1376379260708-61955.png

8-16-2013 Brookdale Computer Users Group - Lincroft NJ

47 members and guests of the Brookdale Computer Club ( http://www.bcug.com/ ) attended the Presentation on 8/16/2013.
The club members asked many questions both during and following the presentation.

The Club meets at the Brookdale Community College. For those living in the area,
this is a great club worth joining to stay up to date on the latest tech news. They also publish an excellent newsletter:


external image 1376863051142-67686.png

Please click here to view all photos.

9-13 Through 9-15 2013 APCUG DMA/NASAC Digital Technology Conference in Dayton OHexternal image 1378043510604-18656.png


If you live in the greater Dayton, Ohio Area, why not come and join me at this Conference
I’ll be doing two (2) presentations at this conference. They are scheduled for Sat. 9-14-2013
9:00 AM – Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and, Your Identity
3:30 PM – You’ve Got a New Computer – Now What?

9-9-2013 Bristol Village Computer Club
external image 1378780272956-27748.png

Please click Image to view all the pictures

9-10-2013 CPUser Group - Tarentum PA

external image 1378884292322-90963.png
Please click Image to view all of the pictures

9-11-2013 North Ohio PC Club - Westlake OHexternal image 1379066385138-21700.png

Please click picture to view all the photos.
North Ohio PC Club

9-12-2013 NASAC Computer Users Group Xenia OH
NASAC Computer Users Group Xenia OH

external image 1379072797809-36918.png

Please click image to view all the pictures

More information about the upcoming Conference:

APCUG DMA/NASAC Regional Computer Conference on Digital Technology

9-18-2013 Columbus Computer Society – Columbus OH19 Members of the **Columbus Computer Society** attended last nights presentation.
external image 1379602896699-14341.png

To see the rest of the pictures, please go to:

9-19-2013 Computer Users of Erie - Erie PA36 Members and guests of the **Computer Users of Erie** in Erie PA

attended last nights presentation.

external image 1379682782824-85092.png

Click here to view all the pictures taken before and during last nights presentation.

9-22-2013 Licking County Computer Society in Newark Ohio
9-22-2013 **Licking County Computer Society** in Newark Ohio
37 members attended last nights presentation.
It's always nice to have a full house.
The meeting was followed by a lengthy Q&A session.

external image 1379920337431-14128.png
Can can view all of the pictures I took (28) before and during the meeting at:

9-24-2013 DMA Riverside OHDayton Microprocessor Assn. Inc. Riverside OH

external image 1380078723719-25026.png

**Click here to view all of the pictures taken before and during the presentation.**

42 Members and Guests attended this evenings presentation.

This is another group that's very active and worth joining if you live in the greater Dayton area.

9-28-2013 I am going to be a millionaire - Emails To Avoid!
This is a new email I just received and one of the few not caught by the Gmail Spam filter:

external image 1380371836023-21320.png

Notice the Cyber crook was smart enough to use the BCC column of the email address so it can be sent to many but

looks like an individual email to each of the potential suckers who will hopefully act on this.
If you receive this email or something similar, Avoid it like the Plague.

National Cyber Security Month


During the beginning of this month, I’ll be visiting three Computer Clubs in Colorado.
My Avast Software sponsored presentation on “Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and, Your Identity
is designed to give the average computer user the ammunition to stay safe while browsing the internet and using their computer.
The three clubs that have invited me are the Front Range PC Users Group, Denver's Other Group (DOG) Computer Club
and I’ll be ending the week at the Pikes Peak Computer Application Society.
Pictures and other comments about each meeting will follow in the next few posts.

10-1-2013 Front Range PC Users Group in Fort Collins, CO
external image 1380711189463-5430.png

**Please Click here to view all the pictures**
Click here to reach the Front Range PC Users Group Website

10-03-2013 Denver's Other Group (DOG) Computer Club
external image 1380879487824-82832.png

Please click here to view all the pictures taken during the presentation.
Click here to get to the clubs website for further information and/or to join the club.

10-5-2013 Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, Pikes Peak CO
external image 1381148061162-14999.png

10-5-2013 **Pikes Peak Computer Application Society**, Pikes Peak CO

external image 1381148731469-39985.png

Please click here to see all the pictures.

11-2-2013 Recap of the past 3 Presentations

A recap of my past 3 Presentations:

11/1/2013 MissionRoyale (Casa Grande) - I was greeted by 17 members and guests of the Club for this mornings presentation.

11/1/2013 Payson Area Computer Association - 24 Members and Guests attended tonight's presentation. This club requested my new presentation

titled " **So You've Got a New Computer, Now What?** " At the clubs request, we also covered Ransomware which is usually covered in my **security related presentation**.

11/2/2013 Paradise Computer Club - 22 Members and guest of the club viewed this mornings presentation.

Pictures taken before and during the presentations:

external image 1383439852952-21143.png


Pictures taken during the trip From Mesa to Payson, AZ

external image 1383440800248-32862.png


11-4-2014 Sunland Village Computer Club Mesa, AZ
external image 1383606404803-24450.png


11/4/2014 Sunland Village Computer Club

76 members and guests attended this mornings very lively presentation

which was followed by a Q&A Session. I was even treated to a nice lunch.


11-4-2013 Computer Club @ Apache Wells Mesa, AZ
external image 1383658803913-1295.png


11/4/2013 Computer Club @ Apache Wells Mesa, AZ

18 members of the club attended last nights presentation.

11-5-2013 Las Palmas Computer Club Mesa, AZ
external image 1383677532785-73415.png


11-5-2013 Las Palmas Computer Club Mesa, AZ

34 Friendly faces greeted me this morning for the presentation

at the Las Palmas Computer Club.

11-6-2013 Grand Computers in Surprise, AZ
external image 1383781370720-76894.png
This afternoons presentation was seen by 65 Members and Guests
of the Grand Computers in Surprise, AZ.
This is a large and active club that offers many benefits to its members

11-8-2013 Supercom Computer Club in Apache Junction, AZ
external image 1383960804845-53768.png


68 Members and Guests of Supercom Computer Club in Apache Junction, AZ

attended this mornings presentation.

As you can see this is another very active club that offers a lot to their members.

11-8-2013 Sunland Village Computer Club Mesa AZ
external image 1383975245331-82855.png


The afternoon presentation on 11-8-2013 for the

Sunland Village Computer Club in Mesa AZ was attended by 32 of it's members and guests.